The Astore Investment Club

How can we help you?

At Astore Partners our aim is to create a community where we can bridge the gap between overseas Pakistanis – their capital and expertise – and Pakistan. By joining the Astore Investment Club, you will get access to: 

Every start-up presented to you has gone through the Astore Partners’ vetting process to ensure it meets our selection criteria. This will involve a strategic, financial and operational review.

At the start of your relationship with Astore Partners, we help you define your investment objectives allowing us to understand your requirements as an investor. Our objective is to ensure we provide you with the right opportunities at the right time. There is no commitment, you invest as and when you like, directly into the start-up!

Should you decide to invest, we provide you with hands on guidance and expertise to help you complete the necessary financial and legal documents making the process hassle free.


There is no commitment, you invest as and when you like!