How can we help you?

Profit making or non-profit making, as long as you believe you can disrupt the market, we are interested in hearing from you.

Pre-funding advice

Get honest and up-front about your idea and let us help you fine tune your proposition. We will help you set clear objectives, construct and prepare financial models, presentations and marketing materials, and deal with the legal setup so you are well prepared and stand out for when you raise capital.

Acceleration & scale up

With money raised and eager investors to please, we help companies to accelerate and scale in order to meet their financial and strategic objectives. Long term thinking and “all hands on deck” is what defines our approach to our partners.

Strategic funding

We have access to a pool of value-add investors who can provide funding to fast track your idea or simply provide you with some cash headroom to allow you to grow at your own pace. Our investors bring their knowledge and expertise to the table as well, to develop your business further.


Sometimes an exit might provide the best opportunity for your business to grow. We can help you prepare the business for sale, making sure you achieve maximum value for your partners and shareholders.